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Welcome to Curtabemdoodles

Here at Curtabemdoodles Ltd. we pride ourselves in giving Goldendoodle, Curtabem Mountaindoodle, and Bernedoodle puppies the best possible start in life so that they can grow up to be

well balanced, happy, loving family members. 


We work with responsible pet owners across the United Kingdom and Europe; we are passionate about providing the ultimate personal and professional service in both the breeding and placing our wonderful Doodle puppies.

We offer a full range of services to ensure everything is right for you and your new puppy including a personalised puppy training/Imprinting programme.

For those families who may be further away, we can Can arrange a 'road trip' and bring your new puppy home to you.

At this time we are taking applications for 


Curtabem Mountaindoodles

Goldendoodles and Ultimate Doodles


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