Our Bernedoodles

The waiting list for Traditional Tri Bernedoodle puppies is currently up to 12 months, 

for Bi coloured puppies the wait will be less.

Litters planned for 2022

Daenerys and johnathan (f1)

Alwenna and Eric (F1)

Ellaria and john(F1)

Clementine and Eric (F1b)

Cersia and Eric (f1)

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Our Mums







(daenerys and John)

F1 Bernedoodle



Our Beautiful girls 

 Ellaria, Daenerys and Alwenna are all due to have F1 Bernedoodle puppies in 2022.

Our Stud boys Johnathan and Eric have been carefully selected and brought over from America to help us achieve the perfect Bernedoodle puppies.

Please note that we are VAT registered and that 

All puppy prices exclude VAT.

VAT registration number 316 7315 12

We are happy for prospective puppy owners to visit us and our dogs.
An application form has to have been approved before a visit can be arranged.
A few pictures of our past
Bernedoodle puppies

Our Bernedoodle puppy prices as of January 2022-

(prices are subject to change depending on the increase in price of Tax, health testing, food, vet bills etc..)

 Puppies born 2022 are priced at £4000 + vat

Breeders choice puppies born 2022 are £5500 + Vat

Curtabemdoodles deposit are NOT refundable but are transferable for up to 2 years of receipt.

 Bernedoodle F1  Master Waiting list 


List in order of deposit

Breeders Choice

Breeders Choice

Jamillah Booty - Spring 2022 (Traditional Tri / female -Imprinting program 4 weeks)

Elliot Hodges  (Traditional tri)


Catherine and Stephen 2022 (Tri (bi) Male) Imprinting

James Hill (Traditional tri) Imprinting 


Carol Lang (Traditional tri)

Suzi Powell (Traditional Tri  (Nma) Imprinting


Jodie Fisher ( Traditional Tri) Imprinting 

Sophie Moss-Grumett (Tri / Bi  male)

Nick and Michelle Mardall (Tradition Tri Female)

Annette English-Matern - (traditional tri Boy/Girl) Crate training /Imprinting

* Reserved 

 Juan - Mequel Desouza (Traditional tri Male)


Kirstie Hawkes (Tri/ Bi )

Richard and Joanna Marsh (Traditional tri male)

Sapna Shah - (Traditional Tri - Male ) Imprinting 4 weeks

Kate Driskell (Female - Tri/Bi)

 Gail Lohan - Traditional Tri (male)

Laura Wander - Traditional tri (male) Imprinting

Romeo Bela  - Traditional tri (male)

Germaine Page -(Tri/Bi) Imprinting

Heather Chisholm - Traditional Tri  (male)

Judy Colbran - Traditional tri (Tri/Bi) (Male)

Gil McNeil - Tri /Bi  (Male) Imprinting


Maya Nash-Herod (Traditional Tri)

Louise Watkins (traditional tri / Female)

Alex Johnson (no preference  Tri / Bi)

Mary McGrory (Traditional tri/ female)



Families on our master list will need to pay a £200 deposit.

Our waiting list is a rolling list and families will be offered a puppy in order

of deposit.

Also, being open-minded with what colour you want will  help you get your Bernedoodle puppy sooner.

We have a few spaces on our

"puppy training" and "crate training"

course please see here for details  

'Breeders Choice' puppies may become available in a litter, when the rest of the puppies are all allocated to waiting families.

We always hold the first 2 spots of each litter, and some reserved spaces so if those 'Pick of the litter' puppies are not being kept back by us they are offered to suitable families on our breeders choice list for £5,500 (plus VAT).

Please fill in an application  form  if this is something you are interested in.

F1 bernedoodle Breeders Choice Waiting list

Deposits for our breeders choice puppies are £300

Peta O'connor (Traditional Tri) Crate training and Imprinting 8 weeks

Jonathan Dixon (Male/Traditional Tri) 4 weeks Imprinting

Joelle Ellery ( Traditional Tri ) Imprinting

Sam Monk (Male /  Tri)

 Anouk Gauthier (np/np)

Louisa Shetty (Amanda Graven)(Tri/ Bi)

Lisa Smith (Tri/Bi) Imprinting

Gregory Belton (tri/Bi female)

 Ana Mann (b/w Male) (imprinting 4 weeks)

Sinan Aras ( Traditional Tri / Male) Imprinting 8 weeks




About the Bernedoodle breed

The Bernedoodle is a beautiful cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. This crossbreed is a blend  of  the clever goofiness of the poodle with the placid loyalty of the Bernese. What’s more, most Bernedoodles are low- to non-shedding, and with the right coat type can be safe for most people with allergies. 

to see images of this wonderful  breed please click the link below.

Bernedoodle pictures

I believe the Bernedoodle is one of the most perfect companion dogs for those who love larger dogs.

Bernedoodles are meant to be at your side no matter whether you are hiking, at the pub on a Sunday afternoon, or lying on the couch watching a movie. Their only job is to be your best friend.

No two Bernedoodles are identical. The genes from the parent breeds form in unique ways, and  I am very excited to see what each litter will produce. With that, prospective new owners must understand that there can be a lot of variation in a cross breed litter, and that is why I help match our owners with the best dog for their circumstances.

Purebreds may be the preferred choice for people who want predictability. 

A Well-bred Bernese is very similar to the next: sweet, loving, and gentle well-bred Poodle is also very similar to the next: playful, intelligent and goofy.

I emphasise “well-bred.” Like so many purebreds, Bernese and Poodles have been highly inbred over the years.

This has led not only to health problems, but also temperament issues. Poorly bred Bernese may be extremely stubborn and skittish. Poorly bred Poodles may be hyper and neurotic.

It is incredibly difficult to find healthy Bernese and Poodles with calm temperaments. 

If as breeders we  do our job well in selecting the right parents, crossing purebred dogs of different breeds will result in puppies that are healthier than either of their parents.

This is because the two breeds are generally prone to different genetic problems.

Crossbreeds such as the Bernedoodle are only likely to inherit a health problem that is common to both the Poodle and the Bernese—two breeds that share few common diseases.

Bernedoodles, as with with goldendoodle,  have what is referred to as “hybrid vigor,” and can be expected to live healthier, longer lives than their purebred parents. 


The Bernese Mountain dog

I have always loved the Bernese Mountain dog. They are placid, easy going and extreme loyalty. They are completely dedicated to their families, and LOVE children.

Bernese Mountain dogs are strikingly beautiful dogs with their distinctive tri-coloured coats. Bred in the Swiss Alps as farm dogs that pulled carts or drove cattle to market, the Bernese love the cold weather, and have a double coat that sheds regularly.

They are an intelligent, strong dog that have moderate/high exercise requirements.

The Bernese are often used in activities such as agility, tracking, herding, and therapy work.

A high number of Bernese are predisposed  hip and elbow dysplasia, or succumb to inherited cancer, heart disease, or epilepsy in middle age.

 Bernese have a much higher rate of fatal cancer than other breeds. Overall, the Bernese Mountain dog is one of the shorter-lived dog breeds, with a life expectancy of just 6-8 years.

This is particularly sad when they are slow to mature, and can be challenging to train.

Without proper socialisation, these naturally cautious and reserved dogs can become skittish and suspicious, and may develop separation anxiety. They can also be decidedly stubborn. Yet the Bernese  has a deep need to please its family and has a sensitive nature.

 Training a Bernese requires a great deal of patience and a gentle, positive approach.


The Poodle

 The Poodle ranks high on the canine intelligence scale.

They are very trainable and with work can excel in many ways. 

Their low- to non-shedding coat makes poodles a great choice for those with allergies.

It is often overlooked how goofy and fun poodles are.

They are the clowns of the dog world, and have been used in circus acts for centuries due to this wonderful and fun loving character.

 The breed originated as a duck hunter in Germany, where the word “pudelin” refers to splashing in water.

The Standard Poodle began its development as a retrieving water dog more than 400 years ago. With a crisp, curly coat as protection against the elements, great swimming ability and off the chart intelligence, the Poodle was, and still is, a magnificent retriever.

Poodles are lively, active, fun-loving dogs . Poodles thrive on attention but can develop bad habits such as nuisance barking if ignored or left alone. The smaller poodles can be aggressive to people outside their families or to other dogs. 

Lots of exercise and ongoing training are key to managing the Poodle’s exuberance.

Some Poodles are highly strung and can be sensitive to stress. They can be predisposed to certain health problems, including eye, skin, and digestive problems, as well as immune system diseases.

The most common problems are tracheal collapse, epilepsy, sebaceous adenitis, juvenile renal disease, bloat/torsion, thyroid issues,and cancer.

The Bernedoodle

selective crossbreeding combines the traits and characteristics of its purebred parents; with careful, conscientious breeding, the resulting pups may end up with the best attributes of each.


Imagine the sweetness and loyalty of the Bernese, and the goofy liveliness and intelligence of the Poodle.

That's what curtabemdoodles aims to produce with our Bernedoodle program.

Like the Bernese, most are gentle around children and the vulnerable, and because they love to work, they often make excellent therapy dogs.

Most Bernedoodles have a medium activity level. They love to play, run, and take walks with their families, and may inherit the Poodle’s love for retrieving and swimming.

When it’s time to relax, Bernedoodles are usually happy to join you on the settee for a snuggle, much like the Goldendoodle.

Most of them have little need for personal space.

 They are happy, goofy, smart, charming, curious, friendly, social, enthusiastic, cuddly, and loving.


Their training requires patience, a light touch, and positive reinforcement.

 Bernedoodles may also inherit the Berner’s cautiousness with strangers and end up being a little skittish.

 From the Poodle they can inherit an extremely high level of energy.


When bred well, and well socialised, the Bernedoodle is an intelligent, social, fun, crossbreed with character and charisma.

On the whole, Bernedoodles tend to be quite similar to Goldendoodles in nature, with the most notable difference being that the Bernedoodle can be stubborn.

This is more apparent as puppies, and with training and maturity they tend to grow out of it.


F1 Bernedoodles are usually  black, black-and-white, black-and-tan, or tri-colour (black, white and tan).

 Their overall appearance combines elements of the Bernese and the Poodle. Beyond colour, well chosen parents tend to blend the traits of the Poodle and the Bernese in a fairly consistent way. 

Most people want the traditional tri colour.

I would stress that temperament is far more important than colour and ALL bernedoodles are absolutely beautiful and make wonderful LARGE family companions.

However in the effort to produce as many tri coloured Bernedoodle puppies as we can we have spent many years researching the breed and have finally found a boy who we hope can help with that. He is from wonderful fully health tested lines and was born in America.

He will hopefully produce wonderful bernedoodle puppies over the years with both our Bernese girls.

Our first litter of tri bernedoodles is expected to be Winter 2019 with Our Daenerys.

Our Puppies are strictly pets only.


We have official contracts to ensure non of our puppies are ever bred from.

If our contracts are broken a £20,000 fine will be enforced by the courts.