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Curtabemdoodles Imprinting Program


Our imprinting program is designed with you and your puppy in mind.

Without a doubt, puppies are adorable. But being adorable may not be a comfort in the middle of the night whilst your puppy is crying and barking in its crate.

Particularly when you have an early start with the kids, or just a busy day ahead.

Young Puppies need regular toileting throughout the day as well as plenty of stimulation and training on basic commands, self control and manners.

These basics are essential if you want  to raise a happy, well adjusted, obedient dog who is joy to be with and not a nuisance.


Here at Curtabemdoodle we offer a 4, 8 and 12 week imprinting course. Your puppy will live in a home environment with our highly skilled and qualified trainer.

Our Imprinting program can take you straight through the toughest part of adjusting to life with a puppy.

We have developed this program after repeated requests from our puppy owners to keep the puppies longer and help with those first few weeks.

The fee includes boarding, training, feed,  and routine flea and worm treatment.

2021 Courses start from

£495 per week for Goldendoodles.

£595 per week for Bernedoodles.

Please contact us for more details.

A 20% deposit is required once you puppy is born.

We now also offer crate and toilet training for your puppy

This is a 2.5 week course to establish a confident and happy puppy in their crates.

When they leave us after the course they will be

  • Eating all meals in their crate

  • Napping for 1-2 hrs in their crates after their meals

  • Sleeping through the night 10pm-7am

  • 99% toilet trained (they still are young puppies so will need to be monitored always and taken out for regular toileting.

  • A 2 and a half week course means we can fully vaccinate your puppy so he/she can go out a few days after getting home (vaccines currently charged at £70 as per our vet prices).

This way you also avoid the 'cabin fever' phase of puppy hood and can enjoy more of the fun stuff!!!!!

Having a crate trained puppy or dog is so beneficial for so many reasons

Please ask for more details.

**Limited spaces**

Breakdown of our imprinting program below :

your puppy will:

*Begin crate training and house training.

*Learn basic lead manners (8 and 12 week course)

*Gain the understanding of commands, such as 'sit', 'down', 'come', 'watch me' 'leave it', and 'stay' ( 8 and 12 week course).

*Learn puppy manners ( NO biting, NO jumping, how to play 'nice' with people and other dogs.

*Socialise with lots of different people, dogs, horses, livestock, cars, busy streets, trains etc.... (8 and 12 week course)

The majority of puppies who have taken part in this program will come home knowing the basic commands and typically be 'accident free' in their crates.

Although every pup is different and so may not be mature enough at this stage to fully master commands, early imprinting is proven to lay the foundations for later obedience training and help puppy learn very quickly once they are in your care!

Puppies are very flexible and will continue to form strong bonds with their owners up to and beyond 20 weeks of age.

So if you are concerned that your puppy wont 'love you' after taking part in our program, don't be. Having the foundations in place just makes it easier for you and your puppy to bond as you will both know the basics and understand each other better so your bond will come naturally.

The aim of the imprinting programme is to produce confident and happy puppies that have clear boundaries and objectives set in place to make it an easier transition for both you and your Curtabem baby when they join your family.

The 'imprinting' is not on the person but on the puppy, meaning that puppy should have these foundation skills and values 'imprinted' on him or her so that they are a more rounded and confident individuals and able to adapt to different environments and scenarios with minimal effort and stress.

Therefore taking the stress out of the the first few weeks for the new owners and ensuring the puppy has been given clear, professional guidance straight away from 8 weeks old to enable a  happy, stress free and enjoyable experience for everyone and aim to minimise any issues for the new family when puppy comes home.

Setting you both up for a great relationship and mutual respect of each other, thus creating your perfect family dog!-- 

Welcome to your new puppy Imprint Programme!


Our programme is designed to help you and your puppy have an easy transition and create solid foundations to enable you to ‘skip’ that difficult adjustment period in the early stages and start enjoying your puppy in the knowledge that he/she has already had the basics in place and you have continued support and advice on hand as you and your puppy grow


Your trainer will be in contact with you once a week with either, videos, calls, photos and updates on how your new family member is getting on, you will also receive a weekly write up of what you can expect your puppy to have learnt at the different stages.

Your updates will include how your puppy is developing, areas that he/she excels in, isolating and working on areas they are finding more challenging and ways to prevent this along with advice on how best to deal with situations as and when they arrive, commands that the trainer is using for your puppy along with learning videos showing you how the trainer is giving commands and instructions so that you may follow on and continue in the

same way. 

Our trainer will be on the end of the phone for you to discuss any queries or questions you may have whilst your puppy is in their care.

Our trainer is here for your support as well as your puppy!!!

There will also be a regular blog on our facebook page of your puppy's journey so family and friends can join in with their progress too.

If your puppy is coming into a new home that you have specific requirements for you should speak to our trainer directly before the imprinting programme begins and your puppies training can be focussed and tailored to suit this as much as possible. Remember this training programme is to make the transition as easy and simple for both you and your new family member as possible, so any information that may aid your puppies training will only be

an advantage to your puppy’s progress and development.




So what happens and how does it work?


Your new puppy will start his/her training from 8 weeks old, your puppy may have already come directly from Us at Curtabemdoodles or from one of her aftercare litters.

If this is the case the idea of crate training and basic manners will have started via the enrichment program we follow and from being with siblings and around their mother.


Over the coming weeks your puppy will begin to learn valuable life lessons, manners and will begin a routine that provides him/her with security and confidence to continue with their learning and progress further as the months go on with you as the new owner.


All lessons are ongoing and will continue to develop well into adolescence and adulthood.

Training and Imprinting your young puppy has a lot to do with timing. Timing at this stage is everything! 

Rewarding the wrong behaviour or even the right behaviour at the wrong time can confuse and reinforce undesirable behaviour. 

Our aim at Curtabemdoodles is to encourage positive behaviour through self-learning and reinforcing the desired response so that your puppy is self-aware and obedient but also

retains his/her best doodle personality traits!


Over the coming weeks your puppy will live 24/7 either with Us here at Curtabemdoodles or with our amazing trainer 'Becky'.

Your pup will live and train in an everyday house environment. Your puppy will receive one on one training and attention, depending on the programme you chose your puppy will join your family toilet trained (every puppy is different and learns at different stages so this can vary slightly depending on the pup), used to crate training and with basic knowledge of commands, signals and willing to respond in a positive way, used to lead walking and will have experienced a variety of different environments and situations to ensure your pup is confident to deal with new scenarios, your puppy will have socialised with different dogs and other animals, and children of all ages and on the extended programme (weeks 12-16) we concentrate on keeping your puppies focus when off lead in these environments as well, your puppy will be used to being off the lead (more focused on the 8 week programme) and recall when asked.

Puppies will be used to be handled as though being examined by a vet and a groomer before returning home from both the 4 and 8 week programmes your puppy will receive a full puppy pamper to ensure the first trip to the groomers is a positive and enjoyable experience which will set a good foundation for when your puppy grows his/her gorgeous doodle coat !!

 Your puppy will be used to travelling in a vehicle, will have had his/her vet checks and will be used to being left in his/her crate for short periods of time.

We cannot guarantee that puppy will not suffer travel sickness, each dog is different and some are better travellers than others.

On our extended programme (weeks 12-16) puppies will go on to the more advanced commands and will be fully house trained by the time they are in their new homes, they will have visited several different environments and be responsive to recall.

Our trainer will be updating new puppy owners and keeping them informed of their puppies progress every step of the way. Our

trainer is here for your support as well as the puppy!!



At the end of the programme your new family member will now come home to live with you, you will receive a puppy pack, including the tools the trainer has used to educate your pup along with a full write up on your individual puppy.

This will explain his/her personality traits,

good points and points to focus on. 

Training tips to ensure the consistency is continued between trainer and new owner, list of commands and when and where to give them, a step by step routine that the puppy has been accustomed too. 

Follow up training session

We also offer a follow up half a days training session approximately one month after your puppy has come home to brush up on anything you feel needs work, or for a more intense training session. 

(please contact us for details and prices)

In home puppy training

If you want your puppy to come home at 8 weeks but would like one of our trainers to work with you and your family over the first few months to ensure the correct methods are used to help your puppy grow into a well balances and happy dog that is a pleasure to own, we can arrange a personalised training program for you and puppy in your own home

(please ask for details and prices)


 Our trainer:

Becky’s Story

It was when I took on my first rescue dog, that through no fault of his own had clearly not had any basic training.

After falling in love with this hooligan, I decided that I needed to understand dog behaviour and have greater understanding of how dogs learn. Over time I became passionate about dog training and saw first-hand how simple training made a huge difference to my ‘wild rescue dog’ and helped build a bond with him, that was very special.

This in turn made his (and ours) lives so much easier.

Fast-forward a few years (and dogs) and I have now become an experience agility dog handler and have many years of obedience and pet dog training.

I have also been involved in teaching ‘heel-work to music’ classes, which included teaching my own dogs all sorts of different tricks and helped others to do the same.

I have also gain myself a Diploma in Puppy Training.

During all these different types of dog training I have grown to love ‘Clicker’ training.

Which, after lots of research and courses is now one of my

favourite methods of teaching dogs, as it is based purely on positive reinforcement.

I have recently joined Sam, and the Curtabem family on their imprinting program. Our aim is to work with Curtabem puppies and their families to take the pressure of the early days with a new puppy off  families to better enable them to enjoy their puppies first year and well into adulthood with the correct tools and knowledge .

Like Sam, It is something I am very passionate about and my studies will continue to make sure I am up to date with all the current and most effective methods to get the very best out of your puppies.


Our trainer recognises each dog as individuals and has owned and  trained various dog breeds over the years.

She will work closely with our puppy owners  to personalise the program to be sure you and your puppy are getting the most out of it and have a good head start with the things that matter the most to you and your family moving forward.

We are delighted to have this talented lady on board and excited to be able to offer our Imprint training programme and extend our doodle family so that we not only breed puppies with great personalities and excellent breeding but to also extend this to ensure they grow into happy and obedient dogs and show everyone out there how amazing and fun it can be to

own a gorgeous Doodle!!

Prices start from £475 per week (plus vccines @ £70)

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