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Our Golden and Australian Ultimate doodles





Our journey began with Goldendoodles from our wonderful retriever 'Lacey' over 9 years ago, and over the years we are not only proud of the quality of our babies, and the lives they have changed, but also proud of the wonderful range of colours and coats that we have produced.

Our commitment to our dogs and puppies has not changed since the begining, but we are continually evolving and improving the way we do things to ensure we give the very best to our dogs, puppies and our owners.

With that in mind we expanded from goldendoodles and also breed Australian Ultimate doodles, using our amazing Australian labradoodle x  Bleddyn.

He Is the most wonderful boy and produces extra special family companions with deap red colours, who we are very proud of.

Our Goldendoodles and Australian Ultimate doodles are VERY similar in character, health and coat type.

Whether F1/F1b/F2b multigenerational - etc etc. They all make wonderful family dogs!

The added bonus of using the Australian Labradoodle is that they are bred specificaly to be Therapy dogs in Australia.

Bleddyns puppies have shown us this trait time and again! They are simply wonderful!!

A little about the ALD

The Australian Labradoodle is a friendly and loyal breed, who effortlessly bond with their families.

 Their personality makes them ideal for any family, but particularly those with individuals who may suffer from emotional or physical disabilities.

 Australian Labradoodles are very versitile and some go into full-time service as guide/therapy/service dogs and some are simply companions.

Many are employed as therapy dogs, who visit hospitals, nursing homes  and hospices, along with learning centers, libraries and schools.

Their friendly, funny temperament makes them a perfect candidate for a teaching assistant or a smile distributor.

Australian Labradoodles are astoundingly intelligent.

Their quick wit and sense of humor are assets in their own right, making them fantastic at providing love and companionship to those who need a heartfelt and emotional connection (or just a good laugh).

Their amazing intellect also means that they take to training very well, with obedience and more complicated service related commands a breeze and joy to teach.

They appreciate a challenge and love to play games, making them perfect for interactive therapies.

But, perhaps most importantly, Australian Labradoodles have an empathetic, intuitive ability to sense what people need, This trait comes natural to them, it is not something we can teach!

We offer two 'Breeder's Choice' places per litter. All other applications are added to our master waiting list in the order that we receive the deposit. 

If you choose a Breeder's Choice Goldendoodle puppy, you will be given a choice of suitable puppies to choose from. If  'Pick of the litter' puppies are not being kept back by us, they will be offered to suitable families on our breeder's choice list
Please fill in an application  form  if this is something you are interested in.


We have a few spaces on our

puppy imprinting

course please see here for details 

How it works

We take what we do very seriously so it is important to us that you and your environment are right for a Doodle, and that a Doodle is right for you. 

Once we have had a look at your form, we will give you a call. If your application is accepted and you still feel that we are the breeders for you, you will be asked to pay a deposit in order to secure your place on a waiting list, and access our facebook community.  

Here at curtabemdoodles

we take the time to get to know our owners and make sure we place them with the right puppy for their family and their lifestyle. once your chosen litter of puppies have arrived, we have regular zooms, where you can see mum and puppies and learn about their development, our program, what awaits you over the following 7 weeks and beyond. We send out placing forms, encourage visits and have a puppy party at 7 weeks where we reveal the puppy we have chosen for your family and prepare you for the big day.

You are not just buying a puppy, your investing in a new family member and we are here to make sure it is fun, enjoyable and right for you. Dont just take my word for it,  click this link and take a look at how our families feel.

Our Goldendoodle and Australian Ultimate Doodle Mamas

Goldendoodle and Ultimate Doodle litters planned for 2023

"Please click on each name below (in white) to see more details"

Reagan and Bleddyn - Medium/Standard - Australian Ultimate doodles

- Red and Red and white

- Summer 2024

Raelyn and Bleddyn   Medium Red Australian Ultimate doodles - Autumn Winter

Penelope and Enzo Standard F1 Goldendoodle puppies, red and Apricot - Winter 2024

Rain and Wellington - Mini Goldendoodle puppies, red and Apricot - Winter 2024



Master waiting list for Golden/Ultimate doodles puppies born late summer/autumn/winter 2023/2024


  • Sarah Morley (male) (on hold)

  • Katie Gillard ( boy/girl ) (on hold)  Imprinting

  •  Joanna Quinn (Male/Female 2023) (on hold) - Imprinting 

  • Zara Irving (Male) on hold

  • David Szreider (Male/Female ) on hold

  • Kamilla Johns (female) Imprinting


Breeders Choice on hold waiting list

  • Yasmin Sarioglu  (red puppy, no preference) On hold

  • Alison Trewartha (male/female) (Ballora/Aleena) Imprinting

  • Vivek / Maya Khanna / Bhandari ( Female/ Yara) Imprinting


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