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Curtabemdoodles ‘Guardian’ program

Here at Curtabemdoodles we pride ourselves on raising our dogs and puppies all within our family home.

We never kennel our dogs and if required always have our puppies back here to board when their families go away on holiday to ensure none of our dogs ever experience a kennelled environment.

We are so very proud of our dogs and the wonderful puppies they produce.


Our aim is to continue to breed wonderful, healthy doodles and to extend our breeding program ensuring all our breeding dogs are raised in a wonderful and loving family environment so we can continue to bring so many families happiness with our wonderfully balanced, healthy and happy doodles.

With this in mind we have now adopted our ‘Guardian program’. This program allows us to continue our work, which we are so passionate about, and extend our breeding program whilst not overcrowding our home or our current dogs personal space, not having to re-home our breeding dogs once they have retired, and having all our breeding dogs in wonderful loving family homes.

Within our ‘Guardian’ program, Puppies and young adult curtabemdoodles are often made available to approved family homes, free of charge.


Our Puppies/dogs in our Guardian family homes typically have shorter breeding careers (1-3 litters, never more than one a year). After which, our Guardian family will keep their dog forever.

Registration of the puppy/dog will stay with curtabemdoodles until he/she is retired (each dog  will be different and retirement is based completely on an individual basis) upon such time she/he will be spayed/neutered(at our cost) and completely signed over to his/her family to happily live out the rest of her life.

Our dogs in this program are given to their ‘guardian families free of charge

Day to day expenses, food, pet insurance, regular Veterinary care etc will be the responsibility of the Guardian family.

Breeding expenses and health testing pertinent to breeding will be the responsibility of Curtabemdoodles.

So, as opposed to paying full price for a Curtabemdoodle pet puppy, you will receive a ‘pick of litter’ Curtabem puppy, chosen by us for free.


While in her guardian/family home, your girl will need to return to us at Curtabemdoodles each year (all being well with her) for mating's, and to have and rear her puppies

(This will usually be once she has had her 2nd season and is mature enough to be a mum).

Again this is a decision that will be made based on each individual girl.

Your Girl will be familiar with our home and family, so she will be at ease when the time comes to return here for raising her puppies. We aim to be a second home to her as we insist on keeping in touch with all our guardian families.

During her stay with us, we are very happy for her family to come and visit as we understand it can be an exciting time for all involved. 


Boys will usually have a longer career(depending on puppy quality) than our girls and will be expected to be available for our girls (and occasionaly outside girls) when needed for mating. You will have up to 2 weeks notice for the big day and he will need to be brought to our home and potentially stay with us for up to a week.

Daily visits to us can be arranged for that week if preferred by us both and better for your boy.

What we look for in a potential ‘Extended’ Family…

- Be willing to adhere to our feeding plan which is currently‘Bella and Duke’ natural raw diet.

- Be willing to attend puppy training and socialisation classes.

- take him/her for regular vet checks and keep up with routine flea and worm treatment and annual vaccinations (DHPI and Lepto2).

- Keep his/her coat in good condition through regular grooming.

On the heat she is due to come for mating she must have a short cut just prior to her coming to season. This is to ensure she is comfortable and happy when she has her babies..

-  Be in a situation where they will not be left alone for long periods of time and you must be able to socialise the dog with other animals, children and new experiences regularly

(very important).

-Most important, love him/her as a member of your family.

-if you have a girl- Must not have any entire dogs living with her at home, or allow any entire males near her during her season (which will last from 14-28 days).

-Understand the canine female cycle and be happy to deal with regular seasons.

- You must adhere to all Terms and Conditions of the Curtabem Guardian program Contract.

- You need to have a suitable, safe area for the dog to play and exercise.

- Keep him/her fit/active and at a healthy weigh.

- Maintain regular contact with us concerning the following; up to date photographs, timing of seasons, any changes or concerns in health and work with us to complete all necessary health tests and attend all dates for her romantic ‘dates’ with one of our stud boys.

Once in pup you must be willing to feed her and give prenatal medication per our instruction, keep us up to date on how she is doing and bring her to us approx a week before she is due to give birth. she will stay with us until the puppies are fully weaned. It must be understood that we always allow mum to decide when this is so we cannot be exact as to when she will be coming home.

All mums are different, but it will be before the pups are 8 weeks old. You will be welcome to visit your girl and her puppies during this time.

There is a contract to sign and some conditions to fulfil, but what it means is a beautiful Curtabemdoodle  for you and your family with NO initial cost. 

A Curtabemdoodle ‘Guardian family’ gets what we consider to be the very best of the best at no cost to them.

As passionate doodle breeders we only add the highest quality puppies to our breeding program. We look for the puppy who has all the best qualities our bloodline has to offer and that our families know, love, and have come to expect in a curtabemdoodle dog.

Exceptional beauty and brains, fantastic health and overall a fabulous temperament.


Our Guardian families gets to take part in the advancement of our bloodline which can be exciting and also very emotionally rewarding. Whilst truly becoming  part of the Curtabemdoodle family.

Our Families will need to live within a reasonable distance from us to enable regular visits.

If you feel you would be in a position to offer a potential Curtabem breeding dog an ‘Guardian  family’ home, please get in touch and we can discuss this with you further.

Guardian Contract

Guardian application

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