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                                 About The Goldendoodle and the Ultimate doodle















   A 'Hybrid' cross breed between a golden retriever and a

poodle. They range in sizes depending on which size poodle is used, toy, miniature or standard. However size cannot be predicted, only estimated. 

An Ultimate doodle is a cross between a Golden retriever, Labrador and poodle. Size is slightly easier to predict from the parents as they are further down the generation and will generally medium/standard  size.

They are both wonderful companion and service dog, they are an extremely loyal and intelligent family pet. 

The Goldendoodle is an affectionate and gentle dog that are highly social and lovable, who get on with everyone and all other animals. They do not do well in a guarding roll and should not be asked to protect your home, they are more likely to open the door and let everyone in!

Goldendoodles can actually thrive in both city and country settings, but not so well in an apartment as they love to have the space a garden provides. Doodles love their people so much they would NOT do well living outside or in a kennel. They can be very easy to train and are a good first dog for someone who wants a fun, intelligent and loyal companion  who is bursting with character and wonderful with children. They do need proper socializing from a young age though to avoid any shyness or fearfulness. They can also quickly develop separation anxiety if not given the chance to become independent as a puppy and learn to be with out you. Once you understand these traits the Goldendoodle and the ultimate doodle can be the perfect companion for any family.

The Ultimate doodle  

 Very similar to the goldendoodle, they are a beautiful breed that gives you the outstanding temperament, social skills, agility ability and love for their family as with both retrievers, they are devoted to their families, especially children and their calming but fun loving and some times mischievous nature, brought to the breed by both the retriever and the Labrador (respectively), also make them the perfect family/companion pet.
They are very smart and will learn quickly so will benefit from training and in return make you very proud parents at puppy class or even the local dog show with their beauty, eagerness to please and attentive love of their family. They are super friendly with everyone and everything so will be no good to guard your home but instead, will complete it!! they also would not benefit from outdoor or apartment living .

If all these amazing traits in both breeds weren’t enough, due to this particular combination of there is the added bonus of a potential low/non shedding coat;

Due to this they will need regular grooming and trips to the groomers to keep their coat in top condition. 

Those with allergies who are considering either of these breeds, should spend some time with a Goldendoodle/Ultimate doodle before committing to a puppy, as no breeder should tell you that their pups are hypo-allergenic, that is something only your allergies can tell you. 

Coats and colours are varied, from smooth (like a retriever), Curly (like the poodle) and wavy (in between) Each coat type has its pro's and con's. Whilst our smoother coated don't have that big haired doodle look and they will shed some hair their coats are very low maintenance and need very little grooming, whilst still having the wonderful  characteristics of our much loved doodles. Wavy coated doodles, require regular grooming and our curly coats require intense grooming both at home regularly and professionally at the groomers on every 6-8 weeks.

      Different coat types below





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