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Puppy price list 2024

For each Golden/Ultimate Doodle litter that we have, the first two waiting list places will be reserved for "Breeder's Choice", aka "pick of the litter" these puppies are reserved for owners who have paid their deposit and are on the Breeder's Choice waiting list. Remaining puppies within a litter will be allocated to their families based on suitability and gender preferences.

A deposit of £200 will secure a place on our main waiting list.

 £300 is required to secure a Breeder's Choice puppy. 

Our bernedoodle puppies are slighty different, Puppies are price in accordance with colour and are all placed based on your prefered colour and their suitability to you and your family.

You can choose to be on the tri puppy list or the non tri puppy list

(please see prices before you decide).

Deposits are £200- non tri

£300 - Tri

Goldendoodle/ultimate doodle  puppies

Mini doodles £2600

Standard doodles £2800 

Breeder's choice (pick of the litter) £3800 

More about the breed

Our Goldendoodle and Ultimate Doodle puppies

Bernedoodle puppies

Tri coloured puppies - £4500

(Being 3 different colours)

Non Tri coloured puppies £3500 

More about the breed

Our Bernedoodle puppies

Our Aussie Bernedoodles

Our Ultimate Bernedoodle puppies

Please note All Puppy prices EXCLUDE VAT

As owners and prospective owners of our lovely Bernedoodles, Golden/Ultimate doodles know, incredible levels of care and attention go into looking after our puppies and their parents, with no expense spared. 

The last year has seen a massive rise in the cost of rearing puppies, including vet bills, food, energy bills, groomers, fuel, wages and taxes (48% of every puppy sale goes on tax!). To ensure that we can keep working through these tough times, we have had to increase our prices by up to 5%.  This is a decision that we have been trying to avoid making for some time, but which we have been forced to make so that we can ensure that we can continue to provide our pups with the best possible start in life. 


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