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About us......

Doodles playing with Emma
Emma being cute with Iris, Seren, Areya and Colin
Lacey, Seren and Areya playing with a box in the garden
Emma playing with our doodles
Emma with Areya and Colin

I am Sam and my children are Curtis 25yrs, Abi 18yrs and Emma 10yr.

We love nothing more than long walks and picnics with our dogs

and we never go on holiday without them so we are keen campers and love the great outdoors. It has been a long standing dream of mine to breed dogs and for years I have been looking for the perfect breed to start my line.

Now we are very successful breeders of beautiful  doodles.

I have been a veterinary nurse most of my adult life and I have a foundation degree (Fdsc) in Animal Health and Welfare, which has taught me (amoungst many other things) the importance of responsible breeding and the need to raise my puppies in the right environment to ensure they are fit, healthy, confident, enriched and happy puppies,  ready for their future with their new families.

 My studies will continue throughout the years to ensure I am doing the very best by my dogs and their puppies (all of them, my girls puppies and my boys puppies!!).

My dogs are my life and I wouldnt be without them. I  have a strong sense of responsibility for all the puppies I help to bring into this world, and that is why I work so hard to ensure they are all raised to the best of abilities and go on to live happy lives with wonderful families.


We are a close family and work as a team to produce wonderful  doodles that make outstanding family pets. Here are a few family pics.........

oleena and emma 1.JPG
Sam and Colin after the first doodle met for Colins first birthday
Emma with Colin and Areya
Iris, Seren, Colin and Lacey enjoying some garden relaxation
Baby Colson asking Areya for some help onto the trampoline
Snuggles with Emma and the Doodles
Emma playing with Colin, Areya and Seren
Areya cuddling Kevin
Emma and Seren
Colin, Areya, Lacey, Seren, Iris and Alba all snug on the rug
Colin and Swifty
Colin, Lacey, Colson, Seren and Areya smelling the flowers
Emma and baby Colson
Areya, Seren and Colin confused by a box
Emma enjoying some sun with Seren, Colin, Areya and Iris
Emma putting on a play for Seren, Areya and Colin
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