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Our Curtabem Ultimate Bernedoodles


 Curtabemdoodles now breed Mini, Medium and Standard Bernedoodles.

So we have something for everyone!

Our Mini bernedoodle size ranges from 18"-20" and approx  15-20kg

Our Medium Bernedoodle size ranges 20"-22 and 20-25kg

Our standard size Bernedoodle are 22" plus and 25kg plus

We are very excited to introduce our new line of Curtabem Ultimate Bernedoodles

One reason for introducing the Curtabem Ultimate Bernedoodle is that even with all the magnificent traits of our Bernedoodles, which I personally LOVE, they can be a little stubborn and some a little wary of strangers.

 My hope was that adding in the golden and/or Labrador retriever will help with this. This has been tried and tested by other breeders across the world, and It seems to be working well. I am delighted to say it has also worked out for us too!

Our Ultimate Bernedoodles are Bernedoodles crossed with either a Goldendoodle or Ultimate Doodle. Each pairing is carefully chosen based on the parents' health and temperament.

We have now been breeding the Utimate Bernedoodle for 2 years and We couldnt be more delighted with the results.

They are Beautiful tempered family dogs. Who are loving, fun and loyal. Easy to train and less stubborn that their full Bernedoodle counterpart. 

We will cointinue breeding The Ultimate Bernedoodles for their wonderful temperement and good health,

 We will now strive to produce all that with a tri coloured coat!!

Watch this space!!!


Curtabem Ultimate Bernedoodle litters planned for 2024- 
Waiting lists now open



Non Tri puppies £3,500 plus 20% UK taxes with a £200 deposit

Tri Puppies £4,500 plus 20% UK taxes secured with a £300 deposit

Please note, deposits are NOT refundable, however they are transferable. 

If you would like to be considered to join our waiting list for a Curtabem Ultimate Bernedoodle please complete an application form. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for families to welcome a puppy from our wonderful Curtabem Ultimate bernedoodles.
Puppy pics are of our previous litters.

We plan to have 2-3 Ultimate Bernedoodles litters in 2024

We expect tri/sable/parti/chocolate/merle colours from this years babies- due Summer/Autum.


Ballora and Jack
Meduim Ultimate Bernedoodles 

Puppies Due July/Aug 2024

Curtabem Ballora and Krassenberg's Jack

Ballora is our Parti multi generational Goldendoodle girl. 

Jack is a stunning merle Bernedoodle from

Krassenburg Bernedoodles

Curtabem Ultimate Bernedoodles are priced as follows:

Non Tri coloured Puppies £3500 plus VAT with a £200 deposit

Tri coloured puppies £4500 plus VAT secured with a £300 deposit

Waiting list now open

Curtabemdoodles - Tri male

Christina C - Female (Tri)

  • Sally Jones 

  • Ashley- large Tri male/female

  • Available

  • Available

  • Available


River and Matthew
Ultimate Bernedoodles
Puppies due June/July 2024

River and Matthew

 Puppies due July 2024

In a word

'Gentle giants'

(pictured above)

River and matthew had a stunning litter together in 2023. 

They are not yet fully grown but they average 30-35kg of pure joy!!! 

Beautiful laid back young dogs with stunning wavy coats and a devotion to their families. We are very proud of them!! 

Waiting list

1 - Sally Jones

2 - Ulrich Hanson - Male

3 - Available

4 - Available

5 - Available


Pictures of our previous Ultimate Bernedoodles 

For more information about golden mountaindoodles and ultimate mountaindoodles

Please click here

 Waiting list 2024/2025

  • Vicki James - Female

  • Taranvir Gill - Male breeders choice (2025)

Master waiting list on hold

  • Micheal Griffin (​Male) Imprinting (o/h)

  • Rupa Ganguli  (Female)- Imprinting

  • ​Lisa Smith (male/Female) Imprinting (o/h)

  •  Kathrine strange - on hold -

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