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Our Curtabem Golden Mountaindoodles

We are very excited to introduce our new line of Curtabem  Golden Mountaindoodles.

One reason for introducing Curtabem  Golden Mountaindoodles is that even with all the magnificent traits of our Bernedoodles, which I personally LOVE, they can be a little stubborn and some a little wary of strangers.  My hope is that adding in the golden and/or Labrador retriever will help with this.  This has been tried and tested by other breeders across the world, and It seems to be working well.

Our Curtabem Golden Mountaindoodles will be Bernedoodles crossed with either a Goldendoodle or Ultimate Doodle. Each pairing will be carefully chosen based on the parents' health and temperament. As this is a new breed for us, we don't have many pictures of our own previous litters, but you can see images of Golden Mountaindoodles from around the world by clicking on the link below. 

Curtabem Golden Mountaindoodle litters planned for 2023- 
Waiting lists now open

Main waiting list £3,900 plus 20% UK taxes with a £200 deposit

Breeders' choice £4,600 plus 20% UK taxes secured with a £300 deposit

Please note, deposits are NOT refundable, however they are transferable. 

If you would like to be considered to join our waiting list for a Curtabem Mountaindoodle, please complete an application form. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for someone to welcome a puppy from our third ever litter of Curtabem Golden Mountaindoodles.
Pics are of our first 2 litters in 2022.
Our 3rd Mountain doodle litter is expected Spring 2023



Curtabem Golden Mountaindoodles are priced as follows:

Main waiting list £3600 plus 20% UK taxes with a £200 deposit

Breeders' choice £4600 plus 20% UK taxes secured with a £300 deposit

Waiting list

  •  Breeders choice -Yusur Goodfellow - Male (BC)

  • Breeder's choice -Frances Hay (male) Imprinting

  • Stephanie Head - Female 

  • ​Lisa Smith (male/Female) Imprinting 

  • Sharon Thompson-Montgomery (female)

  • Antje Tockhorn-Heidenreich (female/male) Imprinting


For more information about golden mountaindoodles and ultimate mountaindoodles

Please click here

Breeders choice master waiting list

  •  Kathrine strange - on hold -2023

Master waiting list 

  • Micheal Griffin (​Male) Imprinting (o/h)

  • Rupa Ganguli  (Female)- Imprinting


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