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All our puppies are really very special to us, and we are particularly proud of them all whether born with me at home or born else where with my after care program. 
We only look for people who are as passionate about dogs as we are. We feel it is important to plan ahead and secure happy stable futures for all our puppies.

As I mentioned I am very passionate about my dogs and equally so for the health, welfare and happiness of their babies. To insure our puppies are well adjusted, balanced dogs in the future, all current and up to date methods on puppy raising will be applied, they will have the best money and time can offer. They are born in their very own puppy room within our home, where I sleep with them and my mamma's for the first 2 weeks, or until I feel comfortable leaving them overnight.

 Once they are beginning to wean the whelping boxes are removed and pen extended for their structured enrichment to start.

Enrichment Program

We follow a strict enrichment program designed by 'puppy culture'

click the link below to read more about this wonderful program


Enrichment begins with mum before the pups are here and continues with the pups from birth  right up until they go home around 8 weeks. From then on we will help and guide you to continue this training and enrichment with your puppy. 

From 4 weeks we will share these sessions with you via video and pictures, these sessions help with brain development and prepare our pups for the big wide world and helps them in the future to deal with stressful situations, which creates well balanced, confident puppies, who will face the world head on and enjoy new experiences as and when they arise. These enrichment sessions also instil independent confidence so your puppy is much less likely to develop ‘separation anxiety’ issues and to be more comfortable in their own company, which is so important for the modern companion dog, having to spend periods of time on their own.

Our puppies enrichment sessions began at just 3 days old, when they will begin daily Early neurological stimulation (ESN) sessions, these sessions give our puppies stronger heart rates, lower blood pressure, a higher tolerance to stress, higher resistance from disease and a faster adrenal system, these are all huge health benefits for your puppy and dog into adulthood. ESN sessions are carried out daily from day 3-16. At 3 weeks of age, the enrichment program moves on to a more structured stage where your puppy will begin sound desensitising and ‘manding’ as well as an array of new daily activities and enriching events. These sessions help to increase brain activity, to support and encourage puppy’s mental and physical growth at such an important time in their little lives, thus creating confident, happy puppies who are ready for the next stage in their lives once they go home to their new families.

Routine Treatment

Our pups are wormed at 2 and 5 weeks with Drontal puppy and given an Advocate spot on before leaving for their new home at 8 weeks. Flea treatment will be given at their 8 week vet check. They will be ready to leave mum at 8 weeks, having a basic understanding of toilet training and crate training as we will start the training from 3 and 5 weeks, respectively, this will make it easier for you and your pup in those first important days settling in at home.


Puppy Pack

An extensive puppy pack will come with your puppy, including advice on feeding, training, grooming and those first few days together, including a portfolio of both mum and dad. Your new puppy will also come with 4 weeks free insurance, be microchipped, and fully vet health checked.
All our dogs are fed a raw diet, and this is how we will wean our puppies. A 20% discount code will be given off your first order and advice on raw feeding will also be included in your pack. I am happy to advise you on all aspects of and the benefit of this diet, so you can make an informed decision on your puppy’s future diet.

Also included in the home pack will be a Legal contract of sale, to include a non breeding clause and a return to breeder (us) if you ever need to rehome your puppy/dog.

A scented teddy/blanket , useful items to take home and an invite to our closed facebook group (If you're not there already) where you can share all the ups and down of puppy hood and gain and offer valuable advice and support with myself and all our other curtabemdoodle puppy owners. It is important to me to keep in touch with all my puppies and their families and this is a great way of doing that. A private WhatsApp group will also be set up for each litter so you will get a more personal experience as well as a community experience on our facebook group.

All new mums and dads will be informed when our babies have arrived, from here you will receive regular updates, and progress reports of the litter (via our facebook group and WhatsApp) including pictures and video so you can see these special babies growing and changing from the day they are born. From 5 weeks you are welcome to visit mum and the pups as the often as you like. This I recommend so you can form a bond with your puppy.

For all curtabem litters (not our aftercare litters) we have a 'puppy party' when the pus are 6 weeks old, all owners and family members are encouraged to come and learn all about crate training, diet, and much more, whilst seeing the puppies play and interacting with lots of people. 


Once you have a curtabem puppy, you have a doodle family for life......


If you are interested in one of our puppies or waiting lists please contact us by clicking HERE

and tell us a little about yourselves and someone from Curtabemdoodles will be in touch shortly.

All our pups are weaned onto a raw diet supplied by Bellaandduke  please click this link to learn more  bellaandduke.com.

This includes a balanced diet from bella and duke and full fat goats milk. After years of research and experience we believe this is the best diet for our dogs as it is 100% natural and has major heath benefits and they love it. 

Please see the link below for details on raw feeding and feel free to contact me for more information.