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Maisie and Coulson


Maisie and Coulson will be having their 3rd, and final litter together Puppies due February 2022.

Maisie is a wonderful mamma and family member.

She shares her home with children, cats, her daughter (Wynter) and a few hens.

Maisie is much loved by everyone.

Her loving nature comes through in her puppies.

Puppies with Coulson and Maisie are wonderful and have made many happy families who continue to share their adventures with us.

A few have gone on to become support dogs, due to their amazing nature and loyalty.

Fully grown your dog will have a non shedding coat and be approx


Please fill in an application if you are interested in becoming a Curtabemdoodles  family member with one of these wonderful puppies, .

Waiting List


Breeders Choice -Shoop and Bernd (male) Imprinting 12 weeks

Breeders Choice - Claire Pache (female) crate training

 Emma Jones ( male) Imprinting

Jacqueline Spears (male)

Constantin Jabarin- (male)

Guardian Female

Gayle Hough Female Crate training 

Patricia Warman (male)


Puppy price is £3000 (including Vat)

Apply Here

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