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Curtabemdoodles Planned litters  for

2020 and 2021

All our Waiting lists for 2020 are now full

we are taking reserve places

Please note that we are now VAT registered

All puppy prices exclude VAT

please add 20% on top of our puppy prices.

VAT registration number 316 7315 12

We have a few spaces on our

"puppy imprinting"

course please see here for details 


Please note deposits are NON refundable but CAN be transferred to another litter

audrey 2_edited.jpg

Reagan and Bleddyn

Spring 2021


(Info about Reagan) 

will be pared with our Newest stud boy, Bleddyn.

Bleddyn is an EALD (English Australian Labradoodle), he is the sweetest boy who we are very excited about and delighted to have  him join our breeding program. 

We expect medium size (21-24") Red and White puppies from this pair.

Applications and deposits now being taken

Master Waiting List

1- Breeders Choice -









*10 -

Reserve Waiting list 

(no deposit required)









Oleena and Coulson

Puppies expected July 2021




Oleena and Coulson are expected to have

Choc Parti, Silver, Black, Cream/Apricot and Merle/Parti F2b Goldendoodle puppies

Puppies will be medium size dogs approx. 20-23" tall

Master waiting List

1- Breeders Choice -

2- Ania Lowther (male or female)

3- Jade Laing (Male)

4- Thomas Skinner (male/ Apricot)

5- Kamilla Johns (Female/Apricot/merle parti)

6-Hannah Tregidgo (male/female)

7- Rachael Douse (Male/Female Crate training 2.5 weeks and Imprinting 3.5 Weeks)

8- Suzanne Vigus (male/female/Merle Crate training 2.5 weeks)

9- Erica Nelson (female)

10 -Joanna Rich (np)

Reserve Waiting List

(no deposit required)

1- Ronan Brophy (np)

2- Shenali Natalia (Apricot Male)


We have a few spaces on our

"puppy training"

course please see here for details  

Oleena is our Beautiful F2b Goldenddoodle girl. Daughter of Our Alba and Tony.

Oleena is a real character.

Loves life and cuddles and has been very easy to train. She is a really smart young lady.

Left to her own devises she can be mischievous, and likes to 'help' with the laundry and gardening, just like her dad.

But that is one of the thing so endearing  about her. 

She is a beautiful and rare Merle Parti with a wonderful thick non shedding coat.

We feel her and Coulson are the perfect pair to produce our next Merle litter.

Both temperament and coats will be stunning.

Their Coats will be  non shedding so will require daily grooming and regular trips to the groomers.

Please see our stud dog  page to learn  more about Coulson.

Deposits now being taken for their waiting list

Apply here



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