Puppy Price list

Goldendoodles and Ultimate doodle litters

Our stud boy puppies - £2,600  

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Stud boys Breeders choice  - £3,600

2022 Curtabemdoodle  puppies

puppies are priced at 


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"Breeders Choice"

Breeders Choice

Goldendoodles and Ultimate Doodles are priced at £4600


 Bernedoodles Litters   


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Bernedoodle puppies - £4000 (plus VAT)

Breeders Choice Bernedoodles - £5500 (plus Vat)

Golden Mountain doodles (£3500 (plus Vat)

Breeders choice Golden Mountain dogs £5000 (plus vat)

For  Curtabemdoodle puppies, a £200 deposit secures a place on our master waiting lists.

£300 is required to join our Breeders choice waiting list.

£50 admin fee will be applied if you are accepted on to a  list for our stud boy puppies.

Once born and you are allocated a puppy, the Balance is due when your litter is 4 weeks old.

Deposits are non refundable but are transferable between litters

ALL 'Curtabemdoodle' Goldendoodle and Ultimate doodle litter PRICES include VAT.

Bernedoodle and golden mountain doodle litter prices are excluding VAT.

Please note aftercare litters are sired by Curtabem boys and are with their breeder so no vat is added as you will get your puppy directly from the breeder with support and guidance from Curtabemdoodles.

Please note our puppy prices may increase each January 

 to keep up with additional costs and annual inflation rates.