Puppy Price list

Goldendoodles and Ultimate doodle litters

2022 Curtabemdoodle Goldendoodle puppies

puppies are priced at 

 £2800 (plus vat)

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"Breeders Choice"

Breeders Choice

Goldendoodles and Ultimate Doodles are priced at £3800 (plus vat)


 Bernedoodles Litters   


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Bernedoodle puppies - £4000 (plus VAT)

Breeders Choice Bernedoodles - £5500 (plus Vat)

Golden Mountain Doodles

Golden Mountain doodles (£4000 (plus Vat)

Breeders choice Golden Mountain dogs £5500 (plus vat)

£200 deposit secures a place on our master waiting lists.

£300 is required to join our Breeders choice waiting list.

Once born and you are allocated a puppy, the Balance is due when your litter is 4 weeks old.

Deposits are non refundable but are transferable between litters

ALL 'Curtabemdoodle litter PRICES exclude VAT.

Please note our puppy prices are subject to change

depending on increased/decreased costs and inflation rates.