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Rain and Enzo

Our Gorgeous Rain (Reagan and Bleddyn) will be having a standard size goldendoodle litter it the summer.

The Dad we have chosen is Enzo, who a stunning standard poodle imported from spain. He has a beautiful temperament and is a loving family dog.

These stunning puppies will be red and red and red and white.

They will be standard size - approx 20-25".

If you are interested in one of these puppies please fill in an

application form

and one of the team will be in touch.

Waiting list Now Open

Breeders choice - Jodi Johnston - Male

Breeders Choice - Caroline Lucus - Female

* Chelle Harvey - Female/ Male) - (Inprinting)

* Emma Taylor - Male

* Mia Kelaty - Male

* Emma Barnett- Male

*D Ford -male/female

* Paula Brierley - Male (inprinting)

Dont worry if this list is full, as Rains mamma (Reagan) Will be having another very similar litter soon too!!

Click here for more details

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