Curtabem Mountaindoodles
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Curtabem Braelyn

(Parents are Curtabem seren and coulson )

and Curtabem Matthew

(parents are Ellaria and John)

will be the proud parents of our new line of Curtabem Mountaindoodles.

Puppies Due July 2022


This litter of Curtabem Mountaindoodles are priced at

£4000 (plus VAT)

£5500 (plus vat for breeders Choice puppies)

Waiting list

 Breeders choice - 

 Breeders choice -  

Heather Chisholm (male)

Rupa Ganguli  (Female)- Imprinting

Micheal Griffin (Male) Imprinting 

Nicola Nathan (Male)  crate training

Katie Johnson (Female)

Abi Cook (Male (Female))


Breeders choice waiting list

 Kathrine strange - on hold -2023




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Curtabemdoodles are very excited to introduce our new line of Curtabem Mountaindoodles.

One reason for this is that even with all the magnificent traits of our bernedoodles, which I personaly LOVE, they can be a little stuborn and some a little wary of strangers.

My hope is that adding in the golden retriever will help with this. 

This has been tried and tested by other breeders accross the world, and It seems to be working.

The Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers bring a submissive, fun loving, and clever personality to The Golden Mountain Doodle. They have a respectful demeanor, and make them incredible family pets, especially around small children. They are an active dog breed that love to fetch, run, and play. Golden Retrievers are also very caring making them great emotional support dogs, disability supporters, and search and rescue dogs.

The Bernese Mountain Dog


The Bernese Mountain Dog is a larger dog breed that is considered an easy going and accommodating family dog.  With his thick dark coat, he is mildly active and enjoys colder temperatures with his thick coat. 

The Bernese Mountain Dogs are mostely mild mannered, and some even consider them too bashful and easy going.  Most Bernese Mountain Dogs are sociable and peaceful with other animals and humans. 

The Poodle


The Poodle brings important characteristics to the Golden Mountain Doodle: extreme intelligence, a nonshedding coat.  Poodle dog breeds are extremely trainable which makes commands, tricks, and  training look easy compared to other dog types.  In addition, they are active dogs and get along with smaller children.  

Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle cross

The Golden Mountain Doodle is bred from a Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle.  Typically, the resulting Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle mix are at least F2B generation, meaning that their offspring have at least 50% Poodle genetics, less than 25% Bernese Mountain Dog genetics, and less than 25% Golden Retriever genetics.  

Curtabem Mountain Doodles are sometimes a combination of an Ultimate doodle (goldendoodle x labradoodle) and a bernedoodle. 

This again promotes good genetic health as we now have in the mix,

Labrador, retriever, Bernese and poodle.

They have the same characteristics as the Golden Mountain doodle.

Golden and Curtabem Mountain Doodles come in a range of colours.

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