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Ultimate Doodles
Shaggy /Wavy coats



Haze and Bleddyn

Haze is our stunning labrador retriever. She is 2 years old and soon to be a Curtabem Mamma.

Haze is a small girl standing at 20".

She is very loving and easy going. Very grown up and sensible. Like a typical retriever type She loves the water and will spend hrs swimming if you let her. She loves cuddles and is a real homebird and will snuggle infront of the log burner on an evening, or  sneak up on you lap if she can. We Love her dearly and know she will take to being a mum like a duck to water. Haze will be pared with our wonderful Bleddyn who we know makes amazing family pets, and pets with more of a supportive role.

Puppies will be approx 20-22" when fully grown and have wavy/shaggy coats. 

Colours we expect are red, Apricot and red and white.

Puppies due Spring 2024

Waiting List

Breeders Choice Male- Sarah Krais

Breeders Choice Female - Gareth Roberts - crate training

Alistair Wong - Male/female - Imprinting

Lucy Williams - Male

Pippa Dussuyer- male/female

Amy Rhys-Davies- Male/Female

Sarah Hagues


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