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Molly And Colin's Puppies 2016.






Molly safely delivered a beautiful litter of 9 Ultimate doodles on Sunday 12th March.......

All puppies have wonderful homes

Mum is Molly, a stunning cream multigenerational labradoodle, Molly is 100% sound,  a very fit girl and is in excellent health (hip scored and eye tested clear)

Dad, Colin is our home bred cream miniature Goldendoodle, (see stud dogs for more details on our boy)

Our pups from this litter will be standard and will grow to be between 21”-24” with our girls being at the lower end and our boys being at the higher end of the scale. 

This is what Molly's mum had to say about her girl:

Our Molly was born 5th October, 2013 in Kent and she is a stunning, intelligent White/Apricot Multigen Labradoodle (I am probably being biased). Molly is 5th generation labradoodle bread back to poodle giving her a strong non-shedding soft wool coat which is very curly.

She is very cuddly and stands at about 22/3 inches from the shoulder. Molly’s health is in wonderful health with the addition of a clear eye test and a hip score of 9. She regularly has flea and worm prevention and she is fully vaccinated and up-to-date. Molly also has a natural (raw)meat diet so she really is in her prime, health wise. Molly’s mother Tia is a beautiful white Standard Poodle, from Kent. Her Father is Sproket.

He is a very handsome white F3 Labradoodle . Sproket’s father is Cosmo, who is apparently famous in the Doodle world. I do have a fabulous family tree showing Molly’s family background which highlights some Cruft’s winners in her line.


Molly has brought us so much Joy and is the most amazing companion. She is completely loyal, loving, funny and a brilliant watch dog.

Molly has been brought up with our grandchildren Hayden 5 and Jack 2 ½ years old who live with us and love her to pieces. They are really excited about her puppies on the way (although were not very happy when I said we are only keeping one, they want to keep them all).

Molly is very gentle when around them and it does not seem to faze her when they clamber over her when fighting for space on the sofa. During the evening, Molly is her happiest snuggling up with us watching TV or sitting in front of the fire.

 When we first picked Molly at 4 weeks old, she was the little girl who was at the back of the queue. Her brothers and sisters came bounding up to us when we visited and leapt up at us , but we only had eyes for our Molly, quietly waiting in the background. Once Molly gets to know you she can’t get enough of your attention. We were amazed at how quickly she grew to love her crate which is her mini bedroom and also toilet training within two weeks (it truly was that quick). Molly comes back to us on command when out and about and at home too, and she sits so patiently for her food , until we give her the nod.


Like most Labradoodles she is  active and needs lots of  exercise. Jon, my husband, goes running most days which Molly simply loves. Molly can easily do a 3 mile stint and not look tired afterwards. But at home she settles wonderfully, and is a true lap dog.


Molly  loves bounding through the woods and splashing through puddles and mud. The beach is another favourite haunt for her. We were surprised that Molly is not a great lover of water having a Labrador background but she does like to paddle so almost there. We have been fortunate in that Molly never chewed up household items and never tore bedding or toys apart. However, she does love soft toys and will steal them from my grandchildren and put them in her bed. She likes squeaky toys also.

I think because we give her plenty of exercise, human interaction and stimulation we have managed to avoid the destructive traits some dogs have.

Even though showering/bathing is not Molly’s most favourite activity, when it comes to grooming, Molly is very compliant. She allows me to shower her, shampoo, wash and blow-dry her. She will hold up her paws and stand well when I brush her. We generally send Molly to the groomers every 8 -10 weeks which is quite important if you want to avoid a matted coat in adulthood.

Molly is very popular at our local groomers , who are very excited to hear she is pregnant, as is her Vet.

 Our girl, has experienced classic pregnancy signs such as morning sickness, becoming very affectionate and clingy, which of corse is all  very normal, and a part of becoming a mother.

We have also had close contact with Sam, as you know by now is owner of the very gorgeous Colin who has guided us from the very first mating until this very day. She has been amazing and we feel she has added to this wonderful experience in such a positive way. My husband and I chose Colin very carefully as a stud for Molly, spending hours looking at potential studs and reading their profiles. The moment I spotted Colin and read his profile I knew he was the one for our Molly. And I was right, when I met Colin and his doodle family we fell in love. I cannot wait to meet Molly’s Ultimate Doodle babies and  share their lives in their new forever homes.

thank you

Linda and hubby Jon

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