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Our Curtabem Mountaindoodles











We are absolutely thrilled to introduce to you the Curtabem Mountaindoodle. We breed for temperament, health and vitality and carefully select our parents so that our puppies are balanced and strong. This doesn't happen overnight, it takes years! 

Curtabem Mountaindoodles are a careful blend of Bernese Mountain dog or Bernedoodle with a English Goldendoodle, Ultimate Goldendoodle or Australian Labradoodle. This unique blend results in a truly special breed; the Curtabem Mountaindoodle

Main waiting list £4,000 plus VAT secured with a £200 deposit

Breeder's Choice £5,500 plus VAT secured with a £300 deposit

Please note, deposits are NOT refundable, however they are transferable. 

The first two waiting list places on any litter are reserved for Breeder's Choice puppy owners who have paid their deposit and are on the Breeder's Choice list.


How it works

If you think that you are ready to welcome a Curtabem Mountaindoodle to your life, then please complete this puppy application form. 

We take what we do very seriously so it is important to us that you and your environment are right for a Curtabem Mountaindoodle, and that a Curtabem Mountaindoodle is right for you. 

Once we have had a look at your form, we will give you a call. If your application is accepted and you still feel that the time is right for you, you will be asked to pay a deposit in order to secure your place on a waiting list.  

Curtabem Mountaindoodle litters planned for 2022

Braelyn and Matthew

We are so thrilled that Curtabem Braelyn (Parents Curtabem Seren and Coulson )

and Curtabem Matthew (parents are Ellaria and John)

will be the proud parents of our new line of Curtabem Mountaindoodles.

This very special litter of puppies is due in July 2022. 

Braelyn and Matthew's waiting list

 Breeders choice - 

 Breeders choice -  

Heather Chisholm (male)

Rupa Ganguli  (female)- Imprinting

Micheal Griffin (Male) Imprinting 

Nicola Nathan (Male)  crate training

Katie Johnson (female)


Curtabem Moumtaindoodle Breeder's choice waiting list

 Kathrine strange - on hold -2023




Curtabem Mountaindoodle Master waiting list 




Doris and Matthew -
October 2022

Waiting list opened July 2022


The beautiful Doris (daughter of Curtabem Seren and Curtabem Coulson) and Matthew (son of Curtabem Ellaria and John) will be having a litter of Curtabem Golden Mountaindoodles in late Autumn 2022

Waiting list 

  • Breeders Choice - Ana Mann (b/w Male) (Imprinting 4 weeks)

  • Breeders Choice -Felicity Williams Male/Female) Imprinting

  • * Rupa Ganguli  (Female)- Imprinting


  • Available

  • Available

  • Available

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