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Unfurnished Curtabem Bernedoodles

Anyone that has followed the Curtabem Journey will know that I LOVE Bernedoodles! They are the perfect balance between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. This crossbreed is a blend  of  the clever goofiness of the poodle with the placid loyalty of the Bernese.  

When we think of Bernedoodles, most people think of the fluffy-faced classic doodle look with the iconic markings of a Bernese Mountain Dog. However, as with any mixed breeds, coats can vary depending on genetics and a little luck. More and more people we speak to want to keep the well-known features of the BMD, including the tri colouring. It is possible to do this, but in order to achieve the colouring and smooth nose, we will lose the non-shedding coat. We are considering doing this, and we want to know what you think! 

The science bit... Unfurnished Bernedoodles


When we pair a BMD with a poodle, we get F1 Bernedoodles. Most of these will have the standard doodle coat, but colours can vary. F1b Bernedoodles come from a Bernedoodle and either a poodle or a BMD. When one parent is a BMD and the other is a Bernedoodle, around 75% of the litter will have a smoother coat. These dogs will shed  (but less than a pure BMD) and they have all of the benefits of the classic, shaggy Bernedoodle, while maintaining the look of a Bernese. These doodles are known as unfurnished Bernedoodles, because they don't have the "furnishings" (fluffy moustache/beard, long eyebrows etc) that non-shedding doodles have. 

We have created this page especially for our Bernedoodle waiting list members, so you can learn a bit more about unfurnished Bernedoodles and help us to make a VERY exciting choice in the coming weeks! You are the reason why we do what we do, so your opinion really matters. 

Finding the right dog breed - and the right breeder- for your family is a serious decision to make. Many of our Curtabem dog owners spent years researching the best breed for them, and have been on our waiting list for months - or even years- awaiting the right dog to meet their needs.  We know that some of our Bernedoodle waiting list members are specifically waiting for Bernedoodles who have the health and temperament benefits of the mixed breed, but who still look very much like a BMD. We would like to know if there are more of you!


F1b Reverse Bernedoodles

We are thrilled to announce that we are considering mating our gorgeous girl, Alwenna, with the beautiful Matthew. Alwenna is such a funny, loving dog, she is my little (big!) shadow and I absolutely adore her. 

I know that she will be a brilliant mum and although I could pair her with Eric or Jon, my instinct is that a pairing with Matthew would be more successful. 

If they had a litter, they puppies would be F1b Reverse Bernedoodles. This is when the mum is the pure breed and the dad is a mixed breed. 

All of these puppies will be tri, something that I know a lot of people on our waiting list are adamant that they want! As with any mixed breed it is impossible to tell exactly what coats these pups will have but science says that it is most likely that 25% of them will be furnished (shaggy, low or non-shedding) and 75% will be unfurnished (smooth faced and shedding - but still lower shedding than a purebred BMD). 


As you can see, we have some big decisions to make! So we would love to ask you, our Bernedoodle waiting list members, what YOU think? 

This form has two questions:

Your name, and your preference in terms of furnished or unfurnished. 

If at least eight people would prefer an unfurnished Bernedoodle, we will plan to mate Alwenna and Matthew. (Please note, if you answer that you would like an unfurnished doodle, this does not automatically secure your space in the litter if the mating is successful. However, it does make you more likely to be offered a puppy regardless of your place on the list.) 


Want to find out more? The Unfurnished Bernedoodle Facebook page is a great place for you to "meet" unfurnished Bernedoodles and their owners all over the world! Or scroll down for a little bit more information about what furnished vs unfurnished Bernedoodles. 

Most well-bred Bernedoodles benefit from:

  • hybrid vitality (improved health outcomes for mixed breeds compared to pure breeds

  • Sweet loyalty of Bernese

  • Lively intelligence of the poodle

  • Medium activity levels

  • Loving family members


Furnished Bernedoodles benefit from all of the above, plus:

  • the classic shaggy "doodle" face

  • Low or non-shedding coat (which is beneficial for those with allergies)


Unfurnished Bernedoodles benefit from all of the above, plus:

  • Short facial hair, so that they retain the more typical Bernese Mountain Dog face

  • A more typical BMD coat, but with preferable shedding habits (BMDs tend to be extremely high shedders)

  • Fewer expensive trips to the groomers! (but a little more vacuuming!!)

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