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Daisy is a beautiful cream standard F1b labradoodle.
Dad, Colin is our home bred apricot miniature Goldendoodle, bred by Curtabemdoodles. Colin is PRA-prcd clear so your pup will never suffer this dreadful disease. (Certificate available on request). 

This wonderful combination of breeds combines the Labrador retriever, golden retriever and the poodle, In other words the perfect companion dog for any family home. But they are also so much more than that........
Ultimate doodles are a beautiful breed that gives you the outstanding temperament, social skills, agility ability and love for their family as with both retrievers, they are devoted to their families, especially children and their calming nature, brought to the breed by the golden retriever, make them the perfect family pet. 
These dogs are very smart and will learn quickly so will benefit from training and in return make you very proud parents at puppy class or even the local dog show with their beauty, eagerness to please and attentive love of their family. They are super friendly with everyone and everything so will be no good to guard your home but instead, will complete it!! 
If all these amazing traits weren’t enough, due to this particular combination of breeds, there is the added bonus of a non shedding coat; this will require your pup to be regularly groomed, both at home and professionally. 
These pups will grow to be between 20”-24” with our girls being at the lower end and our boys being at the higher end of the scale. 
Both parents have been vet cleared and are regularly checked, are up to date on all worm and flea treatment and are fully vaccinated. Both mum and dad are much loved family pets with outstanding temperaments. 

Mum Daisy is 5 years old; her mother was an apricot F1 Labradoodle and her dad a black standard poodle.
This is what her mum had to say about her..............................

Daisy came to live with us at 11 weeks old, and she was a placid puppy even then, she didn't even cry the first night we brought her home. Daisy has been a joy ever since , very easy to train, we took her to clicker training classes and she now walks off the lead most places we go. She is excellent with people and loves children and they love her. Daisy has grown up with our three, now teenage children. Daisy is very easy going and relaxed around other dogs and people. She adores walks and has spent her life on our lovely local Pembrokeshire beaches and muddy mountain paths - but she doesn't need a huge amount of exercise every day and so fits in around our work and our children’s school commitments, she is happy to wait for the weekends for our bigger adventures.

Daisy has been brought up on a raw food diet and is very healthy - she has regular checks with our local vet who works with homoeopathy and conventional veterinary medicine, and is up to date with all vaccinations and worming. 

Dad is an outstanding mini goldendoodle, who stands at 20” and has been bred for health and temperament, his good looks were an added bonus!!
Colin loves the water and would swim for hours, he loves meeting new people and other animals, is fun loving and a true treasure to own. He is very smart and obedient. I am very proud of him and see many of his mothers traits including her gentle and loving nature which she shares with many as a registered PAT dog. This trait he passes on to many of his puppies. A profile of Colin will come with your extensive puppy pack.
This special litter has been carefully planned and will have all the love, attention and care from both owners. This will combine pure devotion from mums mum and the experience of raising stable, happy and confident puppies from dads mum. So together we can insure the very best for our baby’s babies.
We are expecting our babies to be cream and apricot with curly/wavy thick doodle coats.
The puppies will be born and raised in a loving home and given all the love and attention any pup could wish for. This is a very special and long awaited litter and no expense has been spared on mum throughout her pregnancy and on her and her babies after they are here with us. They will be regularly wormed from 2 weeks and weaned on a raw diet.
All puppies will be socialised in every way and have regular enrichment sessions beginning at just 4 weeks of age, these sessions help to increase brain activity and support and encourage puppy’s mental and physical growth at such an important time in their little lives. Thus creating confident, happy puppies who are ready for the next stage in their lives once they go home to their new families.
They will also be vet checked before leaving for their forever homes. They will be ready to leave mum between 8 and 10 weeks with a basic understanding of paper training and if you plan to crate train at home please let us know and we will start the basics of crate training from around 5 weeks, this will make it easier for you and your pup in those first important days at home. You will receive a puppy pack with your puppy, including advice on feeding, training, and those first few days together, including a portfolio of both mum and dad. Your new puppy will also come with 4 weeks free pet insurance, microchipped, up to date with all worm treatment, however, due to Rhona's strong homeopathic connection our pups will only receive chemical flee treatment if necessary, you will also receive a few days supply of raw diet food, (advice on raw feeding will also be given along with how to transition to kibble should you choose not to continue with the raw diet, although it is advised to continue, and both myself and Rhona are available to advise you on all aspects of and the benefit of this diet). 
Your puppy will also come home with a scented blanket, and a life time of support from myself. 

Due to their beautiful parents, stunning colours and good breeding these puppies are in high demand and our waiting list is filling fast. So to avoid disappointment, get in contact soon. I am happy to answer any questions you may have, and you can also take a look at our website at, or follow us on Face book at –curtabemdoodles- to learn more about us, Colin and our wonderful dogs. 

All new mums and dads will be informed when our babies have arrived and will receive regular updates via email and on our face book page, including pictures and video so you can see these special babies growing and changing from the day they are born. From around 4-5 weeks you will be invited to view and choose your puppy. 
Our face book page is also set up for all our puppy owners to use so you can all share the ups and downs of being new parents and show off your baby as he/she grows. I will also be there to offer help and support. Previous owners have found this invaluable and have made many new doodle friends and love staying in touch with siblings.

Join us on face book at curtabemdoodles for current updates, pictures and videos



Daisy and colins litter are in Newport, Pembrooke


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