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Puppies  from our Areya and Colin.














































We  had a beautiful litter of  Red, Golden and Apricot goldendoodles in 2016 with our beautiful dogs Areya and Colin ....

Areya safely delivered a beautiful litter of 7 puppies. 









Areya out for a walk ft. Emma's hand
Areya enjoying the trampoline
Tounge out, don't care
Beautiful Areya
Lacey and Areya relaxing
Areya just strolling on by
Areya with her puppy-dog eyes
Areya cuddling with Kevin
Colin relaxing outside
Colin and Areya snuggled up on the sofa
Colin and Sam after the first Doodle meet for Colin's Birthday
Emma playing with Areya's babbies
Areya feeding her babbies, looking happy
Toy Training
Play time
Thirsty puppers
Areya feeding her beautiful puppers
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