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This page will give those of you who may wish to use Colin for stud an idea of the services we provide and an independant view of us and our beautiful boy from previous clients....

This is Dotty a beautiful and special cockapoo girl......

As my beautiful cockerpoo girl Dotty hit her 4th birthday I knew it was now or never and decided to troll the web one more time for a suitable stud dog. The cockerpoo search had found nothing suitable so on the off chance I searched for doodle dogs. Up came this handsome dog who was really close by - to good to be true surely? I emailed the owner who replied within minutes and straight away I had a good feeling. Dotty and Colin first met on a walk and I knew then that this was not only the right dog for Dotty but also the right breeder to help me through this daunting process. Sam has been a great help from my first enquiry, through the mating's and is constantly  providing me with support and detailed information on the various stages of pregnancy.  I could not have asked for a better level of service and both Dotty and I wholeheartedly recommend both the gorgeous Colin as a stud dog and his incredibly knowledgeable and supportive owner Sam. I am only 3 weeks away from the birth of Dotty’s puppies and I can’t wait. Sam has offered to support me throughout and has even helped with the puppy advert. I could not have asked for a better breeder to share this whole experience with. Sam, both Dotty and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we look forward to a lifelong friendship.



This is Honey a wonderful F2 goldendoodle.....

I was searching for a suitable stud dog for my precious Goldendoodle girl, Honey. I live in the North East but was so impressed when I spoke to Sam that I decided to travel 300 miles to Wales! 
Sam was very knowledgable and professional when I spoke to her, and Colin her stud dog has impressive parentage and is very handsome. Colin's mother is also owned by Sam and is a Pat dog with a wonderful temperament.
I explained that my girl had been nervous at the last mating attempt and Sam took everything into account. She was happy to accommodate us with times and visits, nothing was too much trouble. The whole experience just felt right and I really trusted her. Honey was calm and relaxed.
I would highly recommend Sam and Colin and know that I can contact her again at any time for further help/advice,
Kind Regards
Sandra Smith








To whom it may concernWhen our dog, Nina, came into season and after extensive research to find a suitable mate for our dog we found the gorgeous Colin and his lovely owner Sam Bull.We really loved her obvious love, passion and extensive knowledge of dogs and Colin was just what we we were looking for.

 After a successful mating and 63 days later 9 adorable, healthy pups were born.

We decided to use Sam's after care service as we didn't want the worry of finding kind and caring homes .  By doing this the whole pressure of making sure the families were suitable was taken off our shoulders so that we could concentrate on the important and exciting event ahead .

Sam has proved to be invaluable, her enthusiasm is very contagious. Not only did she procure a waiting list of loving families but she was there for us with help and advice every step of the way throughout nina's pregnancy, during the whelping, in fact every 5 minutes during the whelping , and the following weeks.

The pups are now 4 weeks old . We have 8 perfect, loving homes, we are keeping one .


I cannot recommend Sam's after care service more and have found a kind and caring friend.We undoubtedly will have another litter in the future and would defiantly use Sam's service again.

Philippa & Simon Swatton


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