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Dora and Colin

All Dora and Colins Puppies now have their forever homes!!!!!

This is what Doras Mum had to say about her girl....
Our adorable Dora is the love of our lives! She will be 3 on June 9th and every day we love her more.
She came to live with us when she was 10 wks old and just fitted in as if she had always been here.
Our Westie, Pepsi, and Dora are the best of friends and play for hours together. They really are close although Pepsi is the boss!
Dora is great with other dogs and actually just walks away if another dog gets nasty with her. She loves nothing more than roaming around the woods where we live, swimming in the canal and generally going out and about whenever she can. She also loves retrieving balls.
She loves the car and is so well behaved on any length of journey. Just sitting and relaxing taking in the countryside.
Dora loves her family and is very loyal and placid, she is great with other people although a little shy at first but once she knows you she will be your best friend.
Her coat is so soft and she doesn't shed, we do have her groomed every 6/8 wks but it can be left longer by grooming every day. She has no skin issues and has never had a problem with any food. She is fed on 'Autarky' which is 100% natural complete food mixed with a small amount of tinned meat in the morning. In the evening she just has the complete food with a teaspoon of 100% puréed pumpkin and small amount of water added. ( but, to be honest she will eat anything!!!!).
She doesn't bark much, and she is brilliant at being left and always has been.
She absolutely loves to play and loves her huge box of toys. She spends most of the time bringing toys out and especially loves squeaky toys!!!
She is very well behaved when waiting for her meals and goes to her bed until we say she can eat. She has however got a tendency to steal food if the opportunity arises ( think this may be a Doodle trait!!). She will actually wait though until she thinks you are not looking!
She makes us laugh every day and we can't imagine life without her.
Dora loved Colin and I know their babies are going to be just adorable. We are so looking forward to meeting our new babies and finding their forever homes. ''This is such an exciting time.

Please see "Stud Dogs" for more information about Colin and "Our Puppies" to found out more information about how we raise our puppies.

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