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Areya and Colin's puppies have arrived.......



All our pups have their new forever homes ........



Mum of this very special litter of puppies is our rare red F1 standard Goldendoodle (24" to the shoulder) Areya, who is my baby!!!!!!! Areya comes from fully health tested accredited lines. From a breeder I know very well, who has won breeder of the year several times for her outstanding work and quality puppies.
Ever since Areya joined our family at 8 weeks she has been a dream. The ‘Golden child’ my husband calls her. It is difficult to explain in words just how wonderful this little lady is! She is kind, gentle and so loving; she never even mouthed as a puppy and has never been destructive. She absolutely adores the children and all who meet her want to take home, her manners are impeccable and she is super smart. Her coat is a beautiful rare red, she has stunning wavy curls that are non-shedding and is easy to maintain. As she has gotten older her coat is becoming really thick and a super deep red, and her tail is just to die for!!!
Areya loves her walks and enjoys swimming and playing with her many friends she has made along the way. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect dog to continue our line. This will be Areya’s first litter and I have no doubt in my mind that she will love being a mama and will produce beautiful puppies that will grow into perfect companion dogs with outstanding temperaments and good looks, that will surely complete any family.
Dad is Our beautiful home bred stud dog Colin (please see stud dogs for more about our Colin).
Areya’s pups will be put through an aptitude (temperament) test at 7 weeks. So although you will be able to come and visit the litter from 4 weeks of age, your puppy will be selected for you at 7 weeks based on their character and your lifestyle. Coat and colour will also be taken in to consideration and any other requirements you have. These will be disgust in length beforehand.

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