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 Guardian Dogs Available

Please see our guardian program page to find out the requirements for owning a Curtabemdoodles Guardian dog.

Curtabem Johnathan

Pedigree Poodle


Johnathan Is available to a Guardian home only.

John is 2 years old and an AKC registered standard poodle.

John came over to us from America when he was 7 months old to join our Breeding program.

John is a typical poodle - Goofy, fun loving, bouncy and absolutely LOVES his ball.

He is a very friendly boy, loves cuddles.

John's guardian family would need to be active, he requires lots of exercise and stimulation. He is very clever and learns quickly.

We would prefer a family who understands poodles and is home most of the time and who would like to work him, maybe agility or fly ball, he would really benefit from continued training where he can use his big brain and direct his energy positively.

If bored he has a tendency to bark, but if tired or working he is a real delight.

He is only young and as he matures will make someone a wonderful fun family member.

Johnathan is very healthy and of wonderful breeding with many clear DNA tests under his belt.

John is very important to our breeding program and will be required to visit our girls at least 4 times a year. So his family would need to live within driving distance of Yeovil and be willing to bring him to us for his dates.

Please see our guardian program details "HERE" to see if being a guardian family is for you

To Apply to be Johnathan's Guardian family

Please fill in an application form

If successful we will call for a chat

Guardian Contract

Guardian application

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