Aftercare Puppies  2019
We currently have 2 Aftercare litters available

Puppies through our aftercare program are born and raised with their mums and owners all across the country. Dads to these babies are always one of our boys and mums owners and I work closely together to ensure that the puppies receive the very best upbringing. Including enrichment, nutrition, and routine treatment. Our Home page explains in detail....

Lexi And Coulson

Puppies Are Due early October 2019

Puppies have arrived

*We have 1 little boy available*


Lexi is the daughter of Ruby and Colin both F1 Goldendoodle, like her parents she has a thick
coat (a mass of tight curls) which is non moulting and needs regular brushing and
professional grooming 2-3 times a year.
Lexi is now 3yrs old and since coming home as a pup she has become a major part of our
family. It’s hard to find words to describe her personality but she is loyal, loving, caring and
sometimes stubborn. She loves sitting on our laps for cwtches (I’m sure Lex thinks she’s a lap
dog lol).
We have a teenage at home(with ADHD) and Lexi will quite happily sit with him while he
plays his xbox and will keep him company when he’s awake at night (he struggles to sleep).
Lexi loves going out to play with him and his friends, running after a ball is one of her
favourite things.
We also have two grandchildren ages 2 & 4 which absolutely love and adore Lexi and in turn
Lexi has a lot of love and patience with them (recently she was a princess with clock and
tiara walking g around the house lol),they both love hugging Lexi and she is very gentle with
Lexi is a very friendly girl, she loves a fuss with anyone who visits but will bark and defend
the house when someone knocks or post letter through the door.
Lexi loves her walks up the mountains she very inquisitive and is a proper bird watcher but
her favourite walks involve water. Lexi is a definite water baby and loves swimming in lakes,
rivers and the sea (bath time is a different matter lol).
Lexi is my and my husband’s baby (apparently our favourite “child” according to our grown
up children) she has brought so much joy and love into our family. I sincerely know that Lexi
and Coulson’s pups will bring the same joy and love to your family making it complete like
Lexi has with ours.
Helen and Craig

Lexi and her babies are in South wales.

Master Waiting List (£200 deposit required)

1- Craig and Helen (Girl)

2 -Samantha Landau (Girl)

3-Lucy Driver - Boy

4- Catrin Navaratnam - Boy

5 Claire Nash - Boy

*6- Available Boy


Application Form


We have a few spaces available on our Imprinting program

Please click HERE for more details


Nutmeg and Coulson

Puppies due November 4th

Only a few spaces available

A little about Nutmeg from Her mum.. 

We joke that Nutmeg is half human as she is such a special dog (and most people agree with us!). She is a proper member of our family: the kindest, calmest, most affectionate dog that we have ever known. She has never chewed or destroyed anything; she still has the toy that she brought with her when we picked her up. She is so obedient; she rarely jumps up and we have never ever heard her growl (except when the cat tries to eat her treats). She doesn’t scrounge food or eat random things, but the flip side of that is that she can be a little bit picky with food. She will do anything for cheese!

Our Nutmeg is amazing with small children and other animals and seems to just know if someone is sad or physically or emotionally vulnerable, and she wants to take care of them; her manner with children with disabilities is just mind-blowing, she just has that special doodle sixth sense.


She loves walks but isn’t particularly hyper so is happy with a 20-minute run around on a busy day. She is a lovely walking or run companion, loves playing in the sea but also adores just pootling along with a ball. She’s never run off and has brilliant recall!

Meg never misbehaves when the house is empty, but she will sit and look out of the window longingly for someone to return home. 

She has an incredibly soft, fleecy coat that needs regular brushing.  I am allergic to EVERYTHING (even cockerpoos and some doodles), but I am not allergic to Nutmeg at all.

We know she is going to be the loveliest mummy because she just has so much love to give! 

We’re so thrilled that she is having puppies and feel really privileged that we will be able to provide other people with such a special part of their family.


Nutmegs Dad is Curtabem Colin

Puppies from this litter are £1500 and are in Bideford (North Devon)


Master Waiting List (requires a £200 deposit)

(opened 10th October)

1- Adilla Parish (girl)

2- Sue Taylor -Girl

3- Phil and Ruth Sweetland - Boy

4-Emma Stoddart (boy)

*5 -

*6 -

*7 - 


Reserve waiting List (no deposit required)







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We have a few spaces available on our Imprinting program

Please click HERE for more details




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