Puppies sired by my boy's

These litters are breed using our Stud boys  

The litters are not born or raised in the Curtabemdoodle home

However with these litters you will still receive the Curtabem experince, you will still have access to our Facebook group and litter WhatsApp groups for support and advice.

The puppies experience a similar enrichment programme during 0-8 weeks and they will be weaned on a raw diet, currently Bella and Duke

Puppies from these litters will still be able to access the Imprinting or Crate training programmes.

If you would like to be added to one of these litters please fill out an application form as normal. 

Once the puppies are born we will put you in touch with the breeder.

Please see below for available litters using our stud boys


Coulson and Lexi have had a litter of 6 gorgeous puppies

Please fill in an application form if you would like to be considered for one of their puppies.

Pics are of their previous litter together.

Lexi and her puppies are in South Wales.

Lexi's Owner, Helen and I will be working closely together to raise the puppies to a high standard. No time or cost is too much for these babies and their mamma.


We have 6 puppies available, 4 girls and 2 boys

2021 prices for puppies sired by our boys are £2,600


 master waiting list for puppies sired by my boys...

Garance d\'Alverny (male) Imprinting (on hold)

Zara Irving (male) (October 2022)

Ian MacAlister  (Male/Female) Imprinting (On hold)

Karin Kiho (male)  Crate training  (on hold late 2021/2020)

Alex and Vicky Emson (Male / Female) (On hold)

Jennifer Parris (female)

Victoria Wheeler Imprinting

2021 Breeders choice for puppies sired by our stud boys 

are £3,600

 Breeders choice waiting list...