Elsa and Coulson

Puppies excepted end of November 2020

Elsa is a F1 standard Golden doodle and has been paired with our Curtabem Coulson.

Coulson is an F1 Moyen Golden Doodle

We expect these F2 Golden doodle puppies to grow to around 23/26 inches

Coats will be Shaggy, fleece or curly

Colours we expect are red, cream and apricot

This Litter is in Cornwall 

Previous litter picture

Waiting list

Breeder choice -   Claire Etchingham (Traditional Tri / Female)

Imprinting 4 weeks

Breeders choice - Jonathan Moreland (M) (Male) Crate training

 Suzanne Wickham (o)(male) Crate training

Lucy Young (m)  (female / red / dark)

Rima Pathakji (male /Apricot/red) Imprinting 4 weeks

Hannah Baker  (Red)

Julia Boardman (female) Imprinting 4 weeks

Anna Miles (female/red/apricot)

Merida and Bleddyn

Puppies due December 2020/January 2021

Merida (daughter of Areya and Coulson) is an F2 golden doodle.

Bleddyn is an EALD (English Australian Labradoodle), he is the sweetest boy who we are very excited about and delighted to have  him join our breeding program. 

These puppies will be 

Golden Australian Labradoodles 

(Golden doodles X Australian Labradoodle)

We expect these puppies to grow to around 22/24inches

Coats will be fleece or curly

Colours we expect are red, apricot and golden

This Litter is in Essex

Master waiting list

Breeder choice - Sarah Chapman Crate training

Breeders choice - Lindsay Parry (female/male) Imprinting 6 weeks



Anil Parmar (male / brown / chocolate)

Nashaba Matin (male /red /golden) Imprinting

Dominique Young (Female / Red)

Dave Scott (female) (Br)

Sarah Watt (no preference)

 Natalie Leverett ( no preference) Crate training

2021 prices for aftercare puppies are £2200 +Vat


Aftercare master waiting list...




Fay Ryan (male)

Helen Bingham (male)

Garance d\'Alverny (male) Imprinting

Elaine and Keith Stanley (male) (M)

Victoria Wheeler Imprinting

Jane Morris (male)

2021 Breeders choice  puppies are £3000 +Vat

Aftercare Breeders choice waiting list...


Hilary Sollinger (male) Imprinting

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