Aftercare Puppies  2019
We currently have Aftercare litter available
Belle and Coulson
Puppies Due Late December 2019

Puppies have arrived

Owner list as follows:

1 -The Coke family - female

2 - Liz MCveigh - Male

3 - Heidi Skerritt - Male

*4 - Available - Male

*5- Available - Male

*6- Available - Female

*7 - Available Female

A llittle about my Belle (Miss Purple) from her

proud mum… 

Belle is the daughter of Misha and Curtabem Colin both F1
Goldendoodles. Belle 
will be three in January next year.

We chose the golden doodle breed after a lot of consideration and research after having
collies for over 30 years as we wanted a breed that would be good around children as I had three grandchildren and

three foster children.

As soon as I spoke to Sam (@Curtabemdoodles)I knew we had found the right breeder and match for us.

We now have 3 Curtabemdoodles,

Belle (Mesha and Colin), 

Bentley (Lola and Colin),

and Merida, (Areya and Coulson).

Since coming home as a pup Belle has become a major part of all our family.

I would describe Belle’s personality as loyal, loving, caring and

sometimes stubborn and cheeky.

She is definitely top dog in the house  and has quite regal
aura, only gives kisses out to the chosen few and
believes she is Queen of all she surveys !

Our grandchildren ages 3, 4 and 5 absolutely love

and adore Belle and in turn

Belle has a lot of love and patience with them,

My foster children, 9, 11 and 14 dote on Belle and
find lots of comfort with all three dogs and just

love hugging and playing with

them and encouraging their naughty sides like
letting them on the sofa although they know it’s not allowed!

Belle is very gentle with the children even though they can get a bit boisterous.
Her patience is rewarded with head tickles and

belly rubs which she loves !
Although Belle will bark and defend 
the house when someone knocks or posts a letter through the door Belle is a very friendly girl, she loves a fuss with anyone who visits and runs
around to find them a gift, toy, sock, old bone etc !

But teases them and won’t let them actually have it!

Belle loves her walks anywhere she very inquisitive and can spot anything a mile of fortunately her recall and obedience is good so
she wont run off in pursuit of birds or fluffy objects.

Belle is a water babe and we are lucky
enough to live near stretches of water and is her absolute favourite treat to go in for a dip regardless of the temperature! Unfortunately puddles also count as water according to Belle

so she loves to lay in a muddy puddle, fortunately
she doesn’t mind a bath or a groom !

Belle never misbehaves when the house is empty,
is happy to go to her crate when asked and in fact
will take herself of on her own to her crate for some quiet time

on her own as she is quite independent and not needy.

Belle has an incredibly soft, very curly/ringlet-y
coat that I brush regularly having given up with

dog groomers after a few disasters.  

We know Belle is going to be the loveliest mummy because she is just so kind and has so much love to give! 

We’re so thrilled and super exited that she is having puppies and feel really privileged that we will be able to provide other people with such a special part of their family.

Claire and Russell

Belle and her babies are in Essex

Belle and Coulsons Puppies are £1500 

Please see our Stud page to learn about Dad, Coulson.

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