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Welcome to Curtabemdoodles

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Proud breeders of Bernedoodles, and Golden / Ultimate Doodles

Here at Curtabemdoodles Ltd. we pride ourselves in giving our puppies the best possible start in life so that they can grow up to be

well balanced, happy, loving family members.

We are a family run business where we are all involved in the welfare and happiness of our dogs and their puppies.

Curtabemdoodles is named in Honour of my 3 wonderful children -Curtis, Abi and Emma, as they are such a big part of what we stand for- Family!

It's simple: we love dogs! And we believe that a properly trained, well-bred dog can complete a home, giving years of happiness and enrichment to responsible pet owners of all ages. 


At Curtabemdoodles we have dedicated the last ten years to providing the very best service to our dog owners and we believe that we have the perfect balance of a professional yet personal service. When people buy a Curtabemdoodle, they don't just get a puppy - they get a whole new Curtabem family!


Whether you have been waiting a lifetime for the right time to welcome a puppy into your life or you are an experienced dog owner, we can offer a full range of services to ensure everything is right for you and your new puppy including a  personalised puppy training/Imprinting programme.

Our puppies go to loving homes across the United Kingdom and Europe; for those families who may be further away, we can arrange a 'road trip' and bring your new puppy home to you. Whatever your needs, we will do our best to make sure that you have the right puppy, and the right support, in the early days and throughout your four-legged family member's life.

"Sam is a very conscientious breeder who clearly loves her dogs and takes the time to ensure they are paired with the right owners. She is always happy to welcome a visit and you can clearly see that her dogs and menagerie of animals are very well looked after."

Our breeds

We carefully consider each litter to make sure that we can produce beautiful, loving, well-rounded pups. Some people are on the waiting list for years, waiting for the right new family member to come along.

We are proud breeders of:

Goldendoodles and Ultimate Doodle puppies

Bernedoodle puppies

Please check our current prices before filling in an application

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