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* Long line -  Great for training recalls. A long line gives your puppy the freedom of being 'off lead' , whilst giving you the safety and control.


* Treat bag - Our Training Treat Bag is ideal for carrying your dog's favourite treats to the park, on walks out and about, or for use during positive reinforcement training.
It attaches easily to your belt with its handy belt loop, and also has a drawstring to ensure that the treats stay secure and dry.


* Poo bags and holder -  Beco Pets designs and makes eco friendly, ethical and sustainably sourced pet products, all Beco products are designed to be better for your pet and better for your environment.Beco Pods are made from corn starch plastic which means they are degradable and lightweight.The adjustable strap also fits to every lead and each pod comes with 15 free bags.


* Towel - Lightweight microfiber towel to dry your puppy off after a walk.


* Travel water bowl -  Lightweight bowl that can fit in your pocket or bag great for walks on hot days.

Puppy walking set - deluxe

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