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Our Luxury Hamper includes products from both our Essentials and Deluxe hampers, as well as additional products that support and neuture your puppy's growth into adulthood. 


  • 1 x Large Sized Folding Travel Crate –This travel crate features a zip door ,and a fleece blanket mat to keep your new puppy comfortable during its’s journey home.


  • Poo Bags and Dispenser – The dispenser features a clip that can be attached to your puppies lead for easy accessibility during walks.


  • Puppy Pads– To line the crate for any accidents on their journey home.


  • Pet Wet Wipes– Puppy friendly wet wipes are essential for cleaning up any mess quickly and easily without harming your puppy’s sensitive skin.


  • Water and Food Bowls- Ceramic water bowl and metal food bowl


  • Travel Bowls –  Bowls are a lightweight, foldable alternative to taking normal bowls on a journey. 


  • Slicker Brush– A slicker brush is an essential tool for grooming your new puppy, and can we used on both wet and dry fur.


  • Lead and Collar Set– Basic lead and collar set to help get your puppy used to walking on the lead. 
  • Blanket - Fleece 


  • Puppy Deoderising Spray–This spray is specially formulated to help remove unpleasant odours and bacteria between washes. It can be sprayed or groomed into your puppy’s coat to leave it smelling fresh and clean.


  • Puppy Shampoo– Puppy Love mild dog shampoo has been specially created for puppies and is suitable for use on all dogs ages six weeks and up, including those with sensitive skin. With built in conditioner and pro-vitamin B5, Puppy Love helps to keep your dog's coat beautifully clean and healthy.



  • Towel– A super absorbable microfiber towel makes drying your puppy that much easier after a wash.


  • Clicker–Clicker training is the process of shaping and encouraging good behaviour in small steps with the use of a clicker to reinforce good behaviour. This clicker can be used to help train your puppy.


  • Kong– Kong toys encourage play and mental and physical stimulation for dogs. This puppy Kong is designed to meet the needs of your puppy’s 28 baby teeth, and encourage appropriate chewing behaviour.


  • Toys – Featuring balls and chew ropes, these toys offer enrichment and help to encourage appropriate chewing.


  • Large Bed - Ensure your pup sleeps in style with this comfortable  dog bed, featuring a strong cord outside to keep the bed sturdy, and a plush padding inside to guarantee a comfortable rest.
    This bed is completely machine washable and removes the hassle of cleaning it by hand. 



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Luxury Puppy Hamper