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Alenna and John


Curtabem Alenna, daughter of the beautiful Oleena and Coulson,

Granddaughter of our Alba and Tony.

She is Curtabemdoodles through and through, and it shows.

Alenna is such an amazing girl.

So gentle with such character and a fun attitude toward life.

We are delighted with the lovely dog she has grown in to.

We hope her puppies are as amazing as her.

Alenna will be having a litter with our American boy, John.

These  puppies will be multi generational Golden doodles and will be an assortment of unusual and unique colours .

We will have:

Parti / Parti merle/ Chocolate Parti / black Parti / Apricot Parti 

We estimate these  puppies will grow to between 20/23 inches

Waiting list

Breeders choice - Anna Watt - (Female)

Breeders choice - Donna Alexander (male) Imprinting

Curtabem Guardian (female)

Available - Male (choc Parti)

Clare Phelan (female)

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